Without a doubt, dead grass in your landscape is unappealing. It affects the curb appeal of your house. Fortunately, there are ways to revive the dead grass in your landscape. This is particularly true if it’s struggling to survive with the hot summer weather.  

If you want to have a lush green lawn in your Richardson landscaping, here are a couple of things you have to consider: 

Reviving Dead Grass 

Before you do anything with your grass. You’ve got to ensure it isn’t dormant and is actually dead. Oftentimes, grass goes dormant in midsummer. This is particularly true if you live in an area with cool climate.  

You should inspect the crowns carefully before you take drastic measures to revive it. For those who don’t know, the crown is the whitish area at the plant’s base where individual grass blades emerge. Your grass should revive itself if you water it more often if the crowns are still alive. On the other hand, the grass will not green up again if the crowns have dried out and are brown. It does not matter how much water you offer it.  

You can perhaps address the task yourself if your healthy lawn has dead patches that you have to revive. However, if you are faced with the possibility of replacing the entire lawn, you might require help from an expert lawn care provider.  

Here are a couple things you can do to revive dead grass patches in your lawn: 

  • To get rid of unwanted plants from the yard, use herbicide or pull weeds.  
  • To encourage the circulation of nutrients, water, and air to the soil under the dead patches of grass, you have to dethatch the lawn.  
  • Then, you can till the soil. Make sure you only till it around five to six inches deep. To improve nutrient content, enhance the water-holding capacity of sandy soil, and lower the bulkiness of clay soil, you can add organic compost.  
  • To see if there is adequate phosphorous, you can examine the soil. Adding grass-starter fertilizer can help in the healthy growth of new grass.  
  • After that, you can plant sod or reseed the lawn. Top the seeds with a thin layer of soil. Make sure you spread the seed around the dead patch. On the other hand, you can also lay down sod.  

Preventing Dead Grass in the Future 

  • If you’ve got an above-ground swimming pool, you have to ensure you move it around so that a single area of grass does not suffocate during the entire summer.  
  • Also, a couple of dogs have acidic urine that can kill your grass. If this is the case, make sure you keep them off your lawn. However, if you can’t stop them from doing their business there, you can always dilute the spot right away with water.  
  • To help the soil breathe, dethatch and aerate the soil every several years.  
  • During the fall season, fertilize every 4-5 weeks. Fertilize the lawn in the fall and once in spring after the first year.