Important Questions to Ask for Your Prospective Tree Service Contractor before Hiring Them

Choosing a tree service is a massive decision to make. Hence, before making that ultimate decision, you have to guarantee that you do a lot of research about your prospective tree company. To help you with that, we will provide you some of the important questions you need to ask your tree service Waukegan IL company before hiring them.

What steps do you take to reduce damage to your yard?

You have to ask your prospective tree company about their procedure to guarantee that they can minimize your structures or yard. This can be a problem, particularly with larger limbs. Professional and tree experts can remove, prune, trim trees safely to prevent causing more damage.

Will you use subcontractors or will you do the job yourselves?

Usually, when you have a bigger project, other tree service providers may use subcontractors for a particular tree job. If they do, then try to ask who they will hire for you to do some research about such company and guarantee that they are also experienced and insured.

Do you have the right tools and equipment to safely complete your project?

In terms of tree services, there are various kinds of equipment required to deal with the job successfully. Smaller trees require a tree trimmer while larger trees might need cherry pickers. Ask them if what equipment they do have with them and what practices they do in terms of equipment cleaning. This is to guarantee that they won’t spread the diseases from one tree to another.

Do you have a list of reviews or references, or can you certify to their experiences?

Trusted companies usually will have a lot of reviews on sites such as Angie’s List, Yelp, Facebook, and even Google. Try to research their company and take a look at what their previous have said about the services that they got fro, the company. When the company is included on Google Local Services, then it’s much better since this implies that Google guarantees its services and verified the company.

Can you give us a certificate of insurance with sufficient coverage?

You need to make sure that the tree company you choose has adequate insurance coverage every time you hire someone to work on your property. Request for a copy of their certificate of insurance for you to be aware that you’ll be covered if ever something bad happens while they are working on your premises. If they can’t do this, you can be held responsible in the event someone gets injured or they caused property damage.

How long has your tree company in the industry?

In terms of tree service Waukegan IL, particularly dealing with massive trees, you need to guarantee that the tree provider you’ll hire has plenty of experiences in handling different tree jobs. Pruning and trimming need plenty of training for it to be properly and perfectly done. Guarantee that the company has several years in business and that the company owner has plenty of experience within the industry.