Easy and Effective Ways to Maintain Your Driveway

In your home, one of the most utilized places in your driveway, which is usually neglected until they show signs or crack. Offer them the attention that your driveways deserve by immediately doing repairs if necessary. Doing so won’t just prolong the life of your driveway and can make it attractive eventually, but it can also help you save money for a long time. Here are some easy and effective ways and tips that you can consider to maintain your concrete driveways Chicago.

Secure the edges

Driveways are not actually intended for heavy trucks. Edges are specifically vulnerable since it chips if it will be subjected to too much weight. Hence, guarantee that your vehicle is parked farther from the edges. Moreover, make sure to prevent parking your construction vehicles there during house remodeling projects.

Plow carefully

Make sure that your snow plow’s blade is raised enough so that it won’t damage and scrape the surface of your driveway. When you’re shoveling uneven surfaces, you can opt to utilize a plastic shovel to lessen its chances of getting on the driveway. Then, you can either remove snow a couple of inches simultaneously while figuring your way earthward or push snow to the side and shovel that off.

Do not salt cement

Chemical deicers and cement salt can absorb surfaces, which results in cracks and remember that both of them need to be fixed. Rather than salting, utilize a shovel or snow blower to eliminate snow and utilize alternatives such as kitty litter, alfalfa meal, coffee grounds, or sand for the surfaces to be less slippery. In terms of melting consider spraying its surface with sugar beet juice, which helps to minimize the ice’s melting point and is known as effective in temps at a minimum of -20°.

Reduce driveway water

Give a runoff area for water and snow to minimize its likeliness to penetrate the surface by clearing a 2- to 3-inch strip surrounding on the driveway’s edges. Moreover, make sure that downspouts empty into the yard instead of toward the driveway.

Fill cracks

When holes and cracks do appear, make sure to immediately patch them. Eliminate loose materials using a masonry chisel and brush out the debris before you apply a patching compound and a crack filler. Then start sealing the whole driveway after you dried the compound. Guaranteeing that your driveway is level and smooth can also aid in reducing tripping accidents if guests visit your house.

Avoid cracks

When it comes to driveways, prevention entails applying concrete sealing every year and sealing asphalt every a couple of years to keep water from cracking, freezing, and penetrating. Shrub and tree roots can result in cracks by pushing up from below. The key is to get rid of trees placed close to your driveways or consider having their roots cut away.

Clean your driveway

Maintain the appearance of your driveways by eliminating stains due to leaf stain, radiator fluid, motor oil, and the same substances. If these stains are left unattended, they will remain on your driveway forever.